Celebrating La Giornata Internazionale della Pizza e del Pizzaiolo: A Culinary Journey into Italian Tradition

Pizza lovers, rejoice! January 17th is not just any day; it’s the International Day of Pizza and the Pizzaiolo. Join us on a whimsical journey into the origins of this delicious celebration and explore the rich cultural tapestry that has turned pizza into a UNESCO-recognized masterpiece.


UNESCO Recognition: In 2017, the pizza world received a prestigious nod from UNESCO, elevating the “Traditional Art of Pizzaiolo” to the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Pizza, already a global darling, ascended to culinary royalty. The skilled hands of pizzaioli were acknowledged as cultural artisans, turning every pizza into a slice of Italian identity.

The official celebration kicked off on January 17, 2018, during the ceremony of Sant’Antonio Abate, the patron saint of pizzaioli. Why this date? Well, it’s not just a random day; it’s a historical pizza rendezvous.


Historical Roots: Travel back in time with the pizzaioli as they recall pre-2017 tales of Sant’Antonio Abate festivities. Picture families working half a day, then migrating outside the city center, lighting fires with wood donations, and burning remnants of Christmas trees or nativity scene huts. An ancient tradition, now a global spectacle known as World Pizza Day.


Sant’Antonio Abate and the Fire: Now, why Sant’Antonio Abate? Picture this: the world is cold, and there’s no fire. In the tale “Sant’Antonio dà il fuoco agli uomini” from “Fiabe italiane” by the legendary Italo Calvino, the people turn to Sant’Antonio Abate. He ventures into Hell, retrieves fire with his staff, and warms the chilly world. The fiery symbol sticks, making him the patron saint of those who handle fire, notably our beloved pizzaioli.


As we gear up to celebrate World Pizza Day on January 17th, let’s not just relish the mouthwatering flavors but also relive the cultural tales and heritage that make each slice a globally cherished delight. At Mamma Roma, we embrace the joy of sharing – not just pizza slices but the laughter, stories, and love that come with them. 🍕❤️


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