Pizza al taglio
Inspired by the Roman concept of pizza ‘Al Taglio’, literally by the cut, Mamma Roma makes pizza exciting again. Rectangles of pizzas are cut in front of you and served by weight.
You can taste several varieties at a time by choosing out of more than 130 original and modern recipes, based on authentic Italian products.

La Nostra Storia

The story of a pizza that has rewritten the codes.

Mamma Roma is a Belgian brand that was founded in 2005.

The first pizzeria opened in « Flagey », a hip young district animated by its blend of cultures and its nightlife.

In 2007, two other pizzerias sprang up in « Châtelain » and « Place Jourdan », two famous spots in the Belgian capital. Then came the pizzerias at Ixelles Cemetery, « Boondael », a student district, and « Parvis de Saint-Gilles », an authentic Brussels district.

Since 2016, Mamma Roma has begun to establish points of sale under its brand name in a number of busy locations: trade fairs, exhibition halls and business districts.
As part of this, a Mamma Roma stand is in place at certain events at the Brussels Exhibition Park at Passages 4 and 5.

As part of this wave of growth, the time has also come to expand abroad.

Mamma Roma has also been established in Paris for a few years, showcasing its consistently delicious Roman pizzas.

In 2013, the first pizzeria opened at « Cherche Midi » in the trendy and commercial 6th arrondissement.

In the same year, the « Francoeur » pizzeria opened its doors, located in the 18th arrondissement within walking distance of the famous Montmartre hill.

Then, the extremely lively Oberkampf district became home to Mamma Roma's third pizzeria in the City of Light.

Since 2015 you can also enjoy our tasty Roman pizzas at the heart of the 17th arrondissement in the « Niel » district.

A Mamma Roma stand is also located at the Paris Nord « Villepinte » exhibition park at certain fairs.

Recently, in July 2016, we opened in the South of France in Nice where we welcome you into a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In the near future, we aim to open branches in train stations and airports in Belgium and France.