Pizza with taste and style
Inspired by the Roman concept of pizza ‘Al Taglio’, literally by the cut, Mamma Roma makes pizza exciting again. Rectangles of pizzas are cut in front of you and served by weight.
You can taste several varieties at a time by choosing out of more than 130 original and modern recipes, based on authentic Italian products.

What's new?


The Mamma Roma pizzaioli, creating new tastes, invent original recipes based on fresh products from Italy.


Its taste is unique, both sweet and spicy due to the presence of intense red pepper and fennel seeds.
Its colour takes on a reddish orange hue as it matures.Guests can enjoy ventricina on our Ventricina Peperone or Diavola pizzas in particular.

For an innovative franchising

Mamma Roma seeks to establish strong partnerships with franchisees looking for undertaking ambitious projects and participating in the development of an expanding brand.
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